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February Dental Month Special!

We are offering 20% OFF Dental procedures for the month of February!*

*Excluding any blood work and/or antibiotics.

We book up fast so call and make your pet’s appointment today!

If your not sure if your pet needs a dental, call and make your free dental exam appointment and one of our awesome technicians will give them a free dental exam and give you an estimate for their procedure.

Most pets with painful dental conditions do not show clinical signs that are obvious to the owner, but this does not mean that they are not feeling pain. They cannot tell you about the pain. In the wild, animals tend to hide signs of illness or weakness – dogs and cats posses this instinct. Many painful dental conditions develop gradually, and are more common in middle-aged and older pets. As a result, behavior that the owner interprets as “acting grumpy” may be the result of dental pain. Owners often observe that their pet acts “years younger” following dental treatment. Dental disease can also lead to problems in the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs. It can be more than just a case of bad breath! Schedule your pets dental during the month of February and get 20% off dental procedure and make your pet a happy one!