The Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays for Pets

When your dog or cat has periodontal disease, much of the damage takes
place below the gum line where neither you nor your veterinarian at Bar N
Veterinary Clinic can see it. For this reason, we use digital dental x-rays
to determine your pet’s oral health. Digital x-rays are safer for your pet
and allow our staff to see the bones, roots and internal anatomy of the

What to Expect When Your Pet Needs Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are taken in conjunction with a full oral exam and cleaning.
General anesthesia is required to provide a complete assessment of your
pet’s mouth, including teeth and bone structure.

Why Digital Dental X-Rays Are Superior

The risk of radiation exposure for your pet is significantly lower with
digital x-rays than traditional x-ray equipment. In fact, exposure is
nearly non- existent. Digital dental x-rays make it possible to see below
the surface of your pet’s gum line to fully evaluate each tooth. This
technology enables the veterinarian to see results immediately and project
them onto a computer screen to review. At this point, we are able to assess
and develop a treatment plan.

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