Daycare Is Now Available!

Looking for a safe & F-U-N place to leave your pet during the day or just a few hours out for a treat?

Bar N Veterinary Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of Daycare for your dogs or cats. Offered Monday-Friday with Full-day or 1/2-day sessions.

Please fill out the following forms prior to drop-off:


Doggy Daycare Admissions Form Kitty Daycare Admissions Form

Dogs are treated to the indoor climate-controlled facility with a bright color scheme, a building infused with calming lavender scented plug-ins & soothing classical music of “Through A Dog’s Ear” is played to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Your pet will be provided up to 5 walks/day along with special “Play Time” where they get to enjoy our Outdoor Playground & interact with our staff on a One-on-One basis.

We also offer a list of “Special Extras” each for an additional fee, which includes:

  • Bubble Time with bacon or peanut butter scented bubbles for dogs and catnip scented bubbles for cats
  • Extra Snuggles & Belly Rubs
  • Afternoon snack
  • Video Call from your pet so you may check in during their day/stay with us.
  • Medications that need to be given to your pet will have an additional fee also.

Cats are treated to 2-story cat condos with clear backs so they can be entertained by the birds eating at the feeders located outside a large window. The feeding area & Litter box each have their own separate areas. “Roaming/Playing” time is allowed throughout their stay where your cat will be removed from their condo, allowed to climb the large cat tree, check out the catwalks located high above all around the room, play with the interactive toys as well as have staff interaction.

Our Daycare is part of a veterinary clinic and therefore, our cleaning protocols are of the highest standards to provide a clean, safe & virus-free environment for your pet.

We ask Clients who want to take advantage of our Doggy Daycare and/or Boarding services to bring their pet to our location beforehand for a “Meet & Greet”. This is a free, no-obligation, scheduled appointment where owners & their pet can receive a tour of our facilities & meet our staff.

At Bar N Daycare, we know that when you leave your pet, you want them to be safe, have fun and not be bored or stressed out. We take pride in offering just that! We truly care about your pets and when you leave them in the loving, experienced care of our Kennel staff, we strive to make every daycare or boarding experience a positive one. After spending time with us, we want your pet to run through our front door in anticipation of seeing us again.

Full-Day – Up to 9 hours at our facility (8:00 am-5:00 pm)

  • Includes 4-5 walks/Playtime per day & FREE PupCup Treat

Half-Day – Segment of 3 hours at our facility (9:00 am-Noon ~OR~ 2:00 pm-5:00 pm)

  • Includes 2-3 walks/Playtime per day (May be dropped off at 8:00 am for an additional $3.00 fee)
  • 5 pack (5% savings when you prepay for 5-full day sessions.
  • 10 pack (10% savings)
  • 20 pack (15% savings)

With this bundled service package, your dog can enjoy a Full Day of Daycare & get a bath and TNT for 15% off.


  • Must be 16+ weeks of age
  • Proof of vaccinations from a Veterinary Clinic for Rabies, Bordetella & at least (2) DAPPL4 vaccinations
  • Be on a flea control product

(Note: If fleas are seen upon Check-in, your pet will be given an oral Capstar at an additional cost)


  • Must be at least 9 weeks of age & have (2) Upper Respiratory vaccinations.
  • If 12 weeks or older, must provide proof of Rabies vaccination
  • Be on a flea control product

(Note: If fleas seen upon Check-in, your pet will be given an oral Capstar at an additional cost)

Prior to dropping off at Daycare, all pets should have been fed and medications are given.

NOTE: Daycare is not available during specific holiday weeks in order to leave Sufficient space for Boarders.


  • Indoor Climate-Controlled Run with bright color scheme
  • Calming Lavender Infused Building to help soothe any anxious pets
  • Relaxing classical music “Through A Dog’s Ear” played 24 hrs/day
  • Large Outdoor Yards with High Privacy Fencing
  • Playground Equipment for the enjoyment of your pet
  • One on One interaction with Kennel staff member
  • On-Site Veterinarian & Licensed, experienced Technicians

Extras Available:

  • Bubble Time (15 minutes) – $10.00  (Bacon or Peanut butter Scented)
  • Extra Snuggles & Rubs (15 minutes) – $10.00
  • Video call to Owner (10 -15 minutes) – $10.00
  • Afternoon treat – $3.00
  • Medications Given – $2.00
  • Extra Hour – $3.00

NOTE: To ease any separation anxiety your pet may have, we recommend bringing a favorite blanket, toy or perhaps an old t-shirt you have worn.


  • Accommodations located in the “Cats Only” Room
  • Private 2-Story Cat Condos with glass backs to watch the birdfeeders out in the yard. Also have several resting ledges & separate areas for litter box and feeding bowls
  • Free time provided to roam the “Cat’s Only” private room with cat tree, climbing
  • Ledges, Hiding Cubbies & a Cat Walk
  • Kitty Treats provided
  • Interactive toys provided
  • One on One interaction with Kennel staff member

Extras Available:

  • Bubble Time (15 minutes) – $10.00  (Catnip Scented)
  • Extra Snuggles & Rubs (15 minutes) – $10.00
  • Video call to Owner (10 -15 minutes) – $10.00
  • Afternoon treat – $3.00
  • Medications Given – $2.00
  • Extra Hour – $3.00