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We are happy to work cloesly alongside the Gatesville Animal Shelter in providing care and support for animals in need of a forever home. You can help us in this by donating to our medical care fund – contact us today to donate!

Stories of Animals We’ve Helped

Feb 23, 2023 – We had a sweet lady bring in a dog that was very emaciated with some porcupine quills in her mouth and nose. She had picked her up after she saw Alaya running down a highway on her way to work that morning. She brought her to Bar N Veterinary Clinic to see if she was microchipped and to see if we could help find her owner. Luckily, she was chipped so we called to see where her owner was. He unfortunately had left her with a foster while he was deployed as he is active in the military. He was devastated when he found out what had happened to his baby girl. He was supposed to return in a month but then get re-deployed for another 6 months, so he reluctantly decided to relinquish her to us to hopefully find her a new loving home where she will be safe and loved.

March 2023 – She went to a temporary foster family for a few weeks to slowly gain some weight back and the porcupine quills were removed as soon as she was stable enough to sedate. Donations were made to cover all the treatment costs.

March 27, 2023 – So here we are now! Alaya is a 3 year old spayed female pitbull, current on all vaccinations, microchipped, heartworm negative and current on prevention. Her temporary foster family was not able to keep her any longer due to previous commitments and now she is boarding at Bar N until we can find somewhere for her to go or someone to adopt her. We need to raise funds to help pay for her boarding at $11 a day, we don’t know how long we might have her so any remaining donations not used for boarding will go towards any transport costs needed to get her to a new home or will go towards flea/heartworm preventions. All money donated to Alaya, will go towards her care. 

Bill has been paid in full and Alaya has gone from 31.4 lbs to 50.6 lbs with her temporary foster mom. -see her before and after photo.

April 29th, 2023 – Alaya went for a trial run this weekend with a lady that fell in love with her on the meet n greet today. They almost instantly bonded. She will be the only dog and will travel along with her new mom in her big rig as she travels across the US.

Thank you to everyone who donated and shared Alaya’s story so she would be able to find her happily ever after.

May 5th, 2023 – Alaya did great for her weekend trial run with her new mom and now they are taking a test run to Tennessee in her big rig to make sure Alaya will be a good traveler. They will be back May 9th and will make the adoption final if everything goes well on the trip.

May 9th, 2023 – ADOPTED – Alaya did great on her trip to Tennessee and in the big rig so she officially has a new momma! 😍

September 27th, 2022 – Tripp, a 5-month-old pitbull mix, who was picked up as a stray by Animal Control Officer Glimp and brought into Bar N for treatment after he noticed him having bloody diarrhea, one day after being picked up. He tested positive for Parvo so he immediately brought him to Bar N for treatment and then thoroughly sanitized the shelter and his kennel.

Update September 28th, 2022 – He has been at the hospital for 2 days on IV fluids and is doing ok. He wags his tail a little but has the saddest eyes. He isn’t liking the cone much either.

Update September 30th, 2022 – Tripp is feeling a little better this morning. Still have some nausea but improving every day!

Update October 1st, 2022 – Tripp is doing great today! He was offered food this morning and has kept it down..yay! Tripp should be able to leave the hospital on Monday, but sadly he will have to go back to the Animal Shelter. We did get his bill paid in full, Thanks everyone for donating to help this sweet guy.

Update October 19th, 2022 – Tripp has a rescue in Montana and a foster waiting for him. Ella Walker has worked so hard to get this boy ready for his trip. He has been neutered and is ready and waiting for his transport day coming up in the next few days. Wish him luck on his journey.

9/21/21 -Everyone meet Poquita – approx 2-year-old female chihuahua. She was found by a Good Samaritan while walking her 2 dogs. They kept barking at something while walking past an abandoned house. She decided to check it out and looked under a broken table in the yard and there was poor Poquita laying there almost dead, not really moving much. She called Animal Control and they immediately brought her in to see the Doctor. She is severely emaciated and dehydrated, weighing only 4.63 lbs, so we got her warm and on IV fluids. Little Poquita is doing good this morning giving out thankful kisses but she has a long way to go before she is out of the woods. Her kidney values are very high on her bloodwork, we are hoping her kidneys don’t have too much damage. Only time will tell!

Update 9/22/21 – well we have a severe whipworm infection also but we got her dewormed and she has started eating on her own!

We have also had $120 donated towards her care so far! Thank you so much for your generosity!

Update 9/24/21 – ADOPTED but waiting to be healthy enough to leave the hospital. She is eating and drinking on her own but she still has some very bad diarrhea, she is on medications to clear it up.

Update 9/29/21 – we had $150 donated today!

Update 10/4/21 – Poquita went to her new home today

Update 10/13/21 – Poquita, now Pokey is doing great with her new family and settling in well. She has gained some more weight also, weighing 8 lbs now!

Update 11/18/21 – She got spayed today and doing great at 8.3 lbs.

Simba, a happy go-lucky Labrador, was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was hit by a car on Monday, 21st in Gatesville Texas. The gentleman that hit him, called animal control and they immediately took him to Bar N Veterinary Clinic. He was very lucky but had a broken front leg, contusions on his lung and chest area as well as some road rash. He never offered to bite or even growl no matter how much pain he was in…just looked at you with those pitiful eyes and wagging tail! His owners were found but due to multiple family members medical issues and limitations as well as finances, they opted to do what’s best for Simba and relinquish him to Bar N for treatment and find him a new family that can give him the care he is going to need! On Dec 23rd, He got his broken leg splinted and was neutered, Rabies vaccinated, we also found out he is Heartworm positive and has some severe contusions on the left lung. The bruising on his lungs should heal with time but his heartworms will need to be treated.

Dec 24th: He will be spending his Christmas with a foster family in Georgetown!

Update Dec 28th 2020: Simba has been doing good at his foster home, he is going to have to see a vet tomorrow to get his splint re-bandaged because he might have been a little too active on Christmas Day and the toe is worn. Today he was a little lethargic but eating and drinking normal. Earlier tonight he started breathing heavily but is remaining responsive and alert with a good color to his gums. The doctor will take a look at that tomorrow as well.

Update Dec 29th 2020: Simba is doing good and got his leg re-splinted and bandaged today! Not sure of the reason why he was breathing heavily last night but it could be the contusions on his lungs giving him problems or he had a painful day yesterday with his leg? They did say he was a perfect patient though which I already knew! We need him to be as immobile as possible so some pain is needed for him to keep himself laying down. His wound from his fracture is seeping a lot so that’s the reason for the frequent bandage changes. He is not going to be traveling to California until his leg heals a little better, around 2 more weeks and the adopter is still interested and able to wait.

Update Jan 26th 2021: Simba is doing good! He doesn’t like the exercise restrictions but loves all the special attention he is getting from his foster family. Had a bandage/splint change on Monday and his wound is still seeping and not healing as well as we hoped but he goes in for another bandage/splint change on Friday!

Update Jan 13th 2021: Simba’s leg is doing great, the wound is healed and bone is mostly set. He has been okay’d to travel! We are working on finding him transport to California! He will need 3 more weeks of restricted activity once he gets to his new home!

Update Jan 29th 2021: Simba is doing great! He got his splint taken off today but will need 1-2 more weeks of restricted activity. He also got a bath today and loved it. He will be going to stay with his foster family until transport can be made or his new mom can come get him at the end of February.

Update Jan 29th 2021: Simba is doing great! He got his splint taken off today but will need 1-2 more weeks of restricted activity. He also got a bath today and loved it. He will be going to stay with his foster family until transport can be made or his new mom can come get him at the end of February.

Update Feb 23th 2021: I am so super excited to let everyone know that Simba is finally with his new family and going home to California! They have decided to give him a new start with a new name..Sonny!

This is Luna, approx 2 yr old female boxer. She was relinquished to The Gatesville Animal Shelter July 15th 2019. She was very malnourished, emaciated and had a hookworm anemia as well as positive for heartworm disease! We are medical boarding her allowing us to slow feed her back to her normal weight so she can be strong enough to go through her heartworm treatment. She has also been vaccinated for rabies, distemper/Parvo and kennel cough as well as de-wormed to get rid of the hookworms. Thanks again for everyone who gave so generously to help others in need! Luna was adopted by Mica, who fell in love while taking care of her in the kennel at Bar N!

Update Aug 2019: Just wanted to share the new Luna! She is happy and healthy, loving her new home and Mama! She was adopted by Mica, our kennel tech who fell in love while she was here. She is back to her normal weight, has been spayed and current on vaccinations. She will be going through her Heartworm treatment soon. Thank you to all who have donated to our cause to help the unwanted and abused, without you we couldn’t have given Luna a second chance at a happy and good life.

Update Nov 2019: Just to show you what a little love and caring will accomplish! This is a Before picture of Luna – July 2019 on the day she was rescued by our awesome Gatesville Animal Control officer’s Holt and Miller from being tied up with such a short tie-out that she couldn’t move around without food or water to her After picture from just a few days ago in Nov 2019! WOW! Thank you Mica Newman for loving her and giving her the home she deserves!

King was picked up as a stray by the Gatesville Animal Control officer’s in the middle of August.

He is a 4 yr old intact male Pitbull. He was microchipped but the Owner didn’t want him so they relinquished him to the city to find him a new loving home. He had a severe ear infection in both ears and was coughing. He was also covered in fleas and was very malnourished. The Animal control officer’s brought him in for an exam and that’s when we found him to be Heartworm positive. 🙁 Some of his services such as bloodwork, x-rays, urinalysis, antibiotics and other medications, BNT ear treatment and boarding have been paid for through the shelter fund. We are trying to help raise the remainder of the funds for his Heartworm treatment through so his new adoptive parent(s) don’t have such an expense once we find one. He has not been neutered yet so his Adoption Fee will be the cost of his neuter at 50% off at Bar N and his Rabies vaccination at $15 for a total of $120.

His ear infection was treated with BNT ear treatment and fleas have been treated with topical flea prevention and a soothing bath as well as started on the appropriate antibiotics to get him ready for his Immiticide injections 1 month after he has been started on Doxycyline. He will need a total of 3 Immiticide injections, He will stay in the hospital overnight on the last 2 to monitor for complications. Strict exercise restrictions and cage rest is highly recommended while going through treatment as well as 6-8 weeks following his last injection. He will need to be re-tested for Heartworms after his treatment is complete and continue with year-round heartworm prevention. He has a good prognosis with treatment and a poor prognosis without as he could have complications with devastating results, such as congestive heart failure, difficulty breathing, activity intolerance and/or poor circulation, which could result in death.

Update on 9/19/19: King is doing great. His ear infection and skin are all cleared up. He has not started his Heartworm treatment yet as he will need to be on oral Doxycycline for 1 month and then needs a 1 month waiting period before administration of his 1st Immiticide injection, which will be on October 21st.

Update on 9/30/19: King has been adopted by a wonderful lady who doesn’t have any other pets so King will truly be living like one soon enough. He will be going to his new home on Tuesday Oct. 1st.

Update 10-21-19: King is doing great at home with his new owner. Came into the clinic today to get his 1st Immidicide injection and is doing great so far. We will keep a close eye on him throughout his treatment and post updates. Thanks again for everyone’s support and generosity.

Update 11-21-19: King getting his 2nd Immiticide injection and then a sleepover at Bar N for the night!

Update 11-22-19: King has had all of his Immiticide injections for his heartworm treatment and is doing great! He has put on a few too many pounds from the restricted activity but his new mom is taking him on daily walks to keep him in shape. Thanks again for everyone’s support and generosity, we could not have saved this wonderful dog without you.

Update 12-19-19: King says Happy Holidays! He tested negative for microfilaria today!

11/19/19 – FOUND by Walmart parking lot in Gatesville last night! Was possibly originally hit by a car/truck by HEB and then moved to Walmart and left again? Possible trauma to back end, hit by car or fell out of truck? Has a collar but no tags and No microchip!

Update: We have a broken pelvis with a good prognosis if we can get this baby somewhere to go and recover with cage rest and time, needs a foster parent to take care of me until owner can be found or I can be adopted.

Update 11/21/19: Still no owner or foster found! We named her Freckles! We are still looking for anyone willing/able to take on this sweet girl so she can recover from her broken pelvis in a home atmosphere and then we can try to find her a new forever home! If no foster can be found we will rehab Freckles here at Bar N but will need donations to go towards her boarding and care! She has to be current on vaccinations to stay at the hospital so we will give those and get her started with cage rest and TLC! Approx cost for 1 month boarding and all vaccinations needed is $325.50. Please call and donate towards this sweet girls recovery today… 254-865-8466! The cost of exam, x-rays and pain meds have been covered by the Gatesville Animal Shelter medical fund!

Update 11/22/19: Freckles has an angel! $500 donated towards her care this morning! Thank you so much for your generosity and love of animals!

Update 12/3/19: ?Updated video to show Freckles progress! She is healing well and doing great! We just need to find her a new loving family! ?

Update 12/20/2019:

Update 1/13/2020: Freckles was adopted on 1/10/20 by the Benger’s!

November: This is Darla! She was picked up as a stray and when she came in to get her Rabies vaccination, we noticed she had a horrible ear infection in both ears so we treated with Depo inj and BNT ear treatment in both ears. She was recently taken to Austin Pets Alive this weekend (11/2/19).

12/11/19 – Poor Patty has a swollen face today…And 104.9 temperature ? Not sure if she got stung by a random bee in her kennel or if she has an abscess but we got her looked at by Dr. Newman and started on antibiotics! She was a great patient and stayed in good spirits!

Update 12/16/19 – Patty is doing great on her antibiotics and the swelling is almost gone!

Update 12/20-2019 – Patty has improved greatly since she first came to us! Now that she’s in better health, she has gone to Operation Kindness Rescue in hopes of finding her forever family!